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Beach volleyball in Carinthia


Carinthia is one of the most southern federal states of Austria. Action, fun, the calmness of the local people and southern flair represent a great part of life there. Because of the favourable climate and the uncountable hours of sun, Carinthia is the ideal place to play beach volleyball. Numerous lakes offer refreshment after a strenuous match.
Beach volleyball is nowadays a kind of sport for everyone. No matter if you are a beginner, an advanced or a professional volleyball player, the little ball will bring you fun and good mood. Nature, sun, fun, action, pleasure, are only some slogans to describe this kind of sport. In the meantime there are beach volleyball possibilities in nearly all open-air swimming pools, camping sites and schools.

Camping sites in Carinthia

Carinthia is the land of beach volleyball. The ideal conditions of this location were discerned. Since 1997 the "Wash & Go Open" are taking place in Carinthia. More than 20.000 visitors watched the first competition in Klagenfurt and therefore they decided to arrange this spectacle every year there.

Winter holidays in Carinthia


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